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Sora AU: The Turtle Who Cried Monster


Stop?” he boomed, his voice bouncing hollowly off the tunnel walls, “What kind of yōkai do you take me for!” Giving her sides one last tickle for good measure, Sora then slung Angie over his shoulder, scooped up their bucket, and continued on down the tunnel, lighting the way with his flashlight.

"Do me a favor and watch my back in case he tries to sneak up on us, sobakasu,” he instructed over his shoulder in a theatrically grave whisper, “Otherwise I’ll have to leave you behind. It’s better if it gets only one of us…”

That last set of tickles sent Angie over the edge, her laughter becoming a loud, echoing snort that immediately was muffled by her hands. A small noise left her as she was caught by surprise from Sora lifting her, and more giggles ensued.

"The cuddliest one," She remarked, letting herself hang over her brother’s shoulder. "Other yōkai would laugh ‘cause you’re around us and kaasan all the time.

Sora then gave her an order (One that seemed rather important, at that) and in return, Angie gave a thumbs up, regardless if he was able to see or not. “Aye-aye, captain.—”

And then Sora just had to ruin the moment. “You’re such a meanie sometimes! I’d slow him down—-“

Her sentence was stopped short, and Angie covered her mouth. It was pitch black from her view, but how could she have seen a shadow?

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[[I keep seeing all the cute sibling things with Augie and Lea and Donna and ahhhhhh cute]]


Mike eyed Angie dubiously at the too-fast answer, but she corrected herself before he could comment on it and continued on with the explanation of events. 

He could hear the regret in her voice, see it in her body language, and he felt a pang of regret of his own that he hadn’t been there to help. But if this had happened here, then similar would’ve most likely happened in the brother-realities, and Mike couldn’t be everywhere at once. All he could do was offer as much support and comfort as possible.

So when Angie finished talking, Mike remained silent for a moment to properly absorb all that had happened, then reached out to gently lift Angie’s chin so he could meet her eyes. “Man, talk about a really bad run of Turtle Luck,” he murmured sympathetically, spreading his arm and stump wide. “Sounds like y’could use a hug. C’mere.” 

She felt her eyes well up with tears in that moment of silence, losing the battle of heartbreak. Of course, Angie wasn’t as close to Katsumi as Lea was, or even Splinter; but to see the heaviness of loss in the entire family after they’d just gained back Mrs. O’Neil…the lair just became darker.

Mike’s hand under her chin made her focus solely on him, and it was then that her eyes betrayed her. Hot tears poured down her face and she simply nodded.

The worst Turtle Luck.

She didn’t hesitate to lean forward and wrap her arms around Mike; her breath was shakey and she felt at least a little bit of the weight that was losing her brother lifted. When the rest of the family was mourning and nobody else was able or even willing to support one another that first night, it made things that much harder. Angie hadn’t been able to talk about it to anyone.

"We can’t find him."

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lea-nardo: phobia headcanon

Aside from Squirrelanoids, zombies, and the Shredder;

Taphophobia; the fear of being buried alive or of cemeteries.

Angie likes living. She would rather not have that whole being buried alive thing happen. She doesn’t even like to watch magicians on TV try it, after hearing about how many accidents have happened, or how people react to it in horror movies, Angie’s refused to look at the screen.

Anonymous: Donna + Headcanon

This is weird because she isn’t my character but

I always thought it would be cute for Donna to be inspired by magical girl/boy anime that she and her sisters would watch on TV together. After going topside for a while, she finally tries to recreate a device that is close to a henshin item and sees if she can project holographic disguises (a la Megamind) so she can go topside during the day, or even sneak in to school to actually take a class at a desk.

Anonymous: Hey I'm a big fan of the Sora au and I've been reading all the drabbles you guys write and I just read your latest one. Are you seriously telling me that Sora gets mutated in the au too!?!?! I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A HAPPY AU



Hey, do you really think Donna is going to rest until she finds a cure for her brother? ;-) I’m assuming that goes the same, but I’ll let Katsumi/Sora confirm or deny.

Ummmmm… Don’t hate me, but I agree with Donna? The Karai/Katsumi/Sora mutation is too huge of a plot development to not carry through to the AU if I’m being honest with myself. Just like Mrs. O’Neil’s mutation and August’s storming off. That’s not too happy either, unfortunately, but it still happens because it’s important. 

I actually thought of something like this a while ago! Before Katsumimun wrote out the drabble about the Shredder, I had thought she would somehow get Sora (kidnapping or something else), thus making the mutation happen anyway. Of course we all want it to be a happy AU, but that’s a big thing to leave out!