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“Huh? Well…y’are a turtle, right?” May jogged a bit to walk next to Angie instead of behind, frowning a bit. Was it supposed to be a secret? She could talk quieter.

Lowering her voice a bit, May went on, holding up one of her hands for emphasis. “Your hands feel like…feels like a turtle.” Not that she remembered touching one before but…It just felt the same, a little voice in the back of her head, or something, saying ‘turtle.’ Like when you think you forget something but then there’s muscle-memory? Or maybe it was touch-memory.

Oh, who cares?

“You’re tall like one, you feel like one…You sorta look like one.”

"No," Angie was quick to answer May, letting out another laugh, this one genuinely nervous. She knew she looked funny in all those clothes, but for somebody naive about how the world was working around her here in NYC, May was pretty quick.

She averted her eyes. Tall like one? She was the shortest of her sisters. Heck, she was shorter than May! 

"Turtles aren’t tall, May," She tried to say nonchalantly, continuing to recover her facade. "They can get like…huge and stuff, hundreds of years old,almost weigh a ton…"

To the wonderful incredible TMNT Rule 63! RPers (and also shardsoftangshen)


I hope you people know that you’ve basically changed my entire outlook on this show. I have to put every single scene of every episode through my head genderbent and/or with the sora au (and the Shard AU, though she isn’t a genderbend. But she interacts with you guys so i’m including catmum anyway.). You’re all amazing and also horrible because you have caused me literally so many feels, so you aren’t actually horrible, because you’re great. Just…yeah. Y’all rock, I haven’t been able to see the show in quite the same light in months because of you guys, and that’s a good thing. Same goes for Shard and that entire au. This corner of the fandom is probably my favorite, and I love all of you guys and your charachters so much. Keep up the good work!



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[[Wow, this means so much! It is so amazing to know that there are people out there that are enjoying all of this as much as we are. Angie here’s been a way to escape and all that such, and to know that she entertains on the same level I’m having fun playing her, it means the world.

It’s been a fun year and a half for me, and everyone else has been just wonderful to play with! Thank you! ]]


“Oh, sweet!”

May grinned again, both at the prospect of a drink and at Angie dropping this subject. Fft, see, May knew she was fine.

Aaaaalthough something Angie said made her a little curious now too.

“You hit your head all the time? Whoa, what d’you do that for?” She frowned, hurriedly catching up to Angie. “What the heck are you doing to keep hitting your head? Is it a turtle thing?” Maybe she smacked her head on her shell, poking her head out?

"Uhh, sports. Yeah, sports! Doing a bunch of uh…headbutting stuff." Crap. Angie could feel herself tucking her head into her shell a little deeper in fear of being found out, but she froze and stopped again, but only for a split second. Think, Angie, think! Play off of it!

She gave an obviously fake laugh. “Turtle thing? What are you talking about?”


May winced again. “Yyyyyeeeeeah…”

But where was she going to get the money? Picking up quarters from the sidewalk only got you so far, so fast. And she didn’t like the idea of sitting with a cup or a hat out. Egh, she’d think of something – Angie was right, she totally had to pay the girl.

The next set of questions caught her by surprise though, and she stopped walking. “No, not dizzy.” Was she? She stood still a moment, then determined that no, she wasn’t dizzy. Just a bit cold and thirsty. “I didn’t hit my head recently, I might’ve walked into a door just as it opened and got my forehead but it didn’t even hurt that much. And I totally have all my memories, every last one!”

Yup, from waking up in a creepy sterile room to this point! No amnesia here!

“Hey, are you okay though? You sound kinda edgy, maybe you should get a hot drink too!”

"I do stuff like that daily. You’re fine," Angie tried to play off of it as she rolled her eyes in not really successfully acting things out. Crud.

"I could use one, though. Weather calls for it; it’s only gonna get colder after today, too. I think I’m in the mood for a hot chocolate. With a ton of whipped cream on it.”

They turned the corner, and Angie brought out her hand to point out the store at the other end. “Not too far off from here!”

The Best Babysitter


"April’s our friend! She’s really pretty and nice." Mikey explained, grinning even wider when Klunk began to purr, "And a yard is a big space full of grass, with bushes and trees. We play croquet there sometimes."

Raph grunted and folded his arms when Mikey looked at him expectantly. “Look, I’ll go with ya’ if ya’ decide to go. I don’t trust you with her on your own for very long.”

Mikey got onto the bed on his hands and knees and bumped noses with Angie. “What do you want to do, little sister?”

Angie tilted her head when Mikey explained what a yard was. She knew about what a tree looked like - there was one in the dojo that Mother had set up in their home. But grass and bushes?

She smiled as Mikey nose bumped her, enjoying the attention from her brother, her sisters weren’t around to be doing things like this with her lately.

"Can we go see her, niichan?”


“It is?”

That was probably not what Angie wanted to hear, but…well, it’d just slipped right out. May walked behind her new friend(?), eyes growing wide at this revelation…and then she turned red, biting her lower lip and sheepishly looking out the corner of her eye towards the ground. “Oops.”

Yeah, stealing…stealing was definitely wrong. No wonder the girl had been mad then, huh?

“I uh…well, I don’t think that’s how it’s done where I come from – I don’t remember seeing much money exchanged. But like…wow, geez, I should apologize to her, huh?” That is, if the coffee-counter-girl would listen. “I thought she’d just given to me like a present or something, wow…”

"You should probably pay for whatever it was you stole, too," Angie added. She paused and stopped walking, watching May carefully. "It’d be nice though if everything was given away for free, though. Man, I’d get all the pizzas possible.”

Reflecting on what the girl said, something caught Angie’s attention specifically, which made her feel rather suspicious. “Don’t think how it’s done? Are you feeling okay, dude? Did you hit your head and get memory loss or something?” The turtle’s questions were genuine, wondering if she should take this girl to the hospital. “Are you dizzy?”