[[It is August 15th and nobody has drawn August [including me *coughcough*]

do you realize how much of a failure this is WE ARE MISSING OUT ON A MONTH OF AUGUST PUNS]]

Punishment || Ella


Ella paused a moment to bask in victory.

Then she decided to do her rest of her basking sitting on top of Angie. She used her foot to keep her little sister down, then belly-flopped on top of her, wearing a self-satisfied smirk.

Told you I’d get you,” she grinned. “And now that I’m here…I might as well stay here. Hope you weren’t planning on doing anything for the next hour.”

As soon as Angie thought she had caught her breath, it left her in one heave as the force that was Ella landed on her. She coughed and gasped, added a wheeze for dramatic effect, and felt like it was best to give up, but knowing her sister, she liked the struggle.

"If you don’t crush me first," Angie retorted, "Jeez Ella, I thought I ate too many cheesy breadsticks last night. I really hope you like broken shell pieces as your pillow.”

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shardsoftangshen: Wordlessly, Shard plucked Michelangela off her feet and cuddled her close, enfolding her in both the silken folds of her houmongi and in the thunderous rumble of her purr.

Tears were pouring down Michelangela’s face. Sometimes, you just had to let everything go. All the stresses, all the heavy heartache. They were things that called for a good cry.

The warm embrace of her mother was enough to send her over the edge; a wave of loud sobs were muffled by the soft cloth, and her cries were absorbed in the rumbling of Shard’s purr. She tightened her embrace against the feline, feeling all of her worries dissolve.

"I love you, Kaasan."