[[Sean Astin is coming to my town for Wizard World

It’s taking every fiber of my being to not dress up as Snow White and take a picture with him ]]



[Text to Amaya]: ama pls w/e u do not come to nyc!!! :(

Well….this is certainly out of the blue. After a long deliberation, she decides it’s probably best to do what her friend says.

[TEXT] ok. stay safe :) text me back when you can.

[Text to Amaya]: dont kno wen i can but fyi its bad like we had to leave bad

Precious Items

Grab one important thing. First, we find Splinter. Then, we get out of town.

This couldn’t be happening. This really, really wouldn’t be happening, would it?

They had to actually leave home? This was where they grew up. This was where they had their very beginnings, where their mother raised them…

 But the clutter of Kraang droids proved otherwise. Reality was a nightmare; this was worse. So much worse. 

The sisters ran off to their rooms to find their prized possession to take with them. If only they had enough time, maybe they could have just moved to another subway station in another city…

Subconsciously, Angie reached up to her bandanna to feel for the fabric flower. She sighed in relief as she realized that it stayed intact during the invasion of their home, and her heart sank when she thought it couldn’t go any deeper into sadness. She felt her eyes watering as she took off the kanzashi and stared at it.

Please be okay.

She stashed it into her shell, where she knew it was going to stay safe. Looking around her room one last time at the various comics, action figures, and collection of duct tape crafts she’d left unfinished, she shook her head. Nothing in here was precious enough. Besides, someone was waiting to be packed in the kitchen.


"C’mon, Ice Cream Kitty, I know this is your home," Angie’s worried face was reflected by the Neapolitan mutant, "We gotta go. I know you don’t like the cooler, but I’m sure we’ll find a bigger freezer wherever we’re going!"

The cat hissed and grabbed at the icy walls of the freezer. Angie had to admit she was impressed at his grip; that really did explain that night with the weird mutant rats that weren’t Splinter.

"It’s just a little while, I promise." Angie petted the sticky ice cream feline and shut the cooler, finalizing her decision that was made the second Donna gave the order. Worried meows were muffled, but then eventually quieted.


Her sisters were already heading out of their home for the last time in a rush, Angie remembered, she saw the hint of the blue mask in her sister’s wraps before Lea ran off earlier. The harsh reality that this was most likely happening in all of their twin universes (especially since the Kraang had infinite portals to every dimension) really hit Angie, but this was no time to cry. There was one last thing to do before going.

Just to make sure.

She sprinted down the hallways that contained their bedrooms, going inside Lea’s and skidding to a halt. In a near state of panic that she’d be left behind and caught by any other Kraang coming through, she scanned the room. Perfectly clean, just the way Lea always had it. 

Her eyes darted to the wall that was decorated with a few Space Heroes posters, and next to them, shelves full of colored fabric flowers. Each one was made better than the last, quality in skill obviously rising in each one. But none of these were what she was looking for. Did Lea choose that to take with her?

Angie’s question was answered as she saw the familiar seashell on a completely different shelf, blue petals pristine as always. 

No time to inspect it. The turtle was sure to be gentle with it as she picked up the kanzashi from Leo, putting it in her shell just as she heard the shouts from Donna and Ella.

She didn’t even have time to look back.

"None of my texts to Mikey or Uncle Mike are going through…I hope they’re okay."