lea-nardo: Have you seen my thumb drive with the Space Heroes specials anywhere?


Donna told me to hide it because she didn’t want you to hog the laptop with a six hour marathon.

Anonymous: Ice Cream Kitty head cannon - Ferret Girl ^^(A)^^

With winter months being close to extreme cold, Angie will bring ICK out to the surface without his cooler and let him crawl around in the snow, so he can get some new environment.

hamatodonatella: secret headcanon

[[I forgot I had this I’m so sorry ahhh]]

Although Angie is probably the worst secret keeper for others, she tends to do a much better job at those that have to do with her. Especially of they’re extremely serious. She won’t mention a word until its absolutely necessary.



"How about… no?”


"We are not having a repeat of the magazine stand incident. There’s still a scorch mark on the sidewalk.”


"A couple cans of spray paint’ll do more than enough damage. Just picture the look on Donna’s face when she—"


"Aw, c’mon, who let Captain Buzzkill into the party?”

"C’mon, Lea! Seriously.  A couple cans of glowing paint that doesn’t show up? It’d be awesome to see the burned designs on the walls!"


"I’m so bored I could cry."


"…I wonder if Donna’s got anything in her lab that’s flammable.”

"She confiscated some cans of spray paint from Cassie! She got mad when she tagged the Shellraiser with ‘TEAM JONES’ in glow-in-the-dark paint."


Even if barely any time had passed in the other dimension, she couldn’t bear to stay in this place any longer, not when she knew that safety—their family—was only a shift away. But, shifting would be a lot easier if the other person wasn’t fighting back all the time. Why did Angie have to be so stubborn…?

Lea swallowed her aspirin and shouldered her katana, shuffling to the door that led out to the rest of the lair. Angie was already in the main room, talking to the rest of the group. She walked over and gave her sister a tired smile when their eyes met, before she looked down to count the shuriken left in her bag. It still felt strange to look up at her baby sister to do that. She doubted that she’d ever get used to it.

She only half-listened to the plan; Angie had filled her in on the assignment before she had even organized the team, and Lea herself had played a large part in planning the mission. There was a facility a ways away, far enough that it wouldn’t attract attention to the location of the lair. When Lea had heard about it, she immediately became interested. Sure, the people of this sanctuary were in desperate need of some supplies. Food, medicine, and some Kraang tech, if possible. But what had interested Lea was the portal that was hidden away inside. It was used for transportation between Kraang bases, but if reprogrammed like Donna had shown her…

It was their ticket out of here, whether her sister liked it or not.

Angie looked her way again when she had finished speaking, and Lea smiled reassuringly as she followed the team out into the tunnels. She hoped the facade was good enough, because on top of the incessant headache, her stomach was in knots, and her heart was pounding. If the mission went smoothly, and she played her cards right, she could get Angie out of this place, and back with their family. Her sister wouldn’t be happy—she’d probably hate her for what she was about to do—but this nightmare would finally be behind them.

Lea hoped Angie would forgive her, someday.

New Skill


Shard wrapped her arms around the girl, stroking her head gently as she murmured her promise against her. A smile spread across Shard’s face, warmth spreading through her at Michelangela’s heartfelt words. Sometimes, for all her age and wisdom, it felt good to be valued for herself. And though there was no question about how much she adored her sons, it felt nice to have daughters around once in a while, too.

"I shall look forward to that very much, my darling." Loosening her hold, she cupped Michelangela’s cheek with one hand, smiling fondly. "Now go. Be brilliant. And be safe, my sunshine."

Michelangela leaned into Shard’s paw a little, taking advantage of the last few seconds of their time together. She felt many times better than she had before due to what she was finally able to say, and she could see it in her mother’s eyes that it meant the world to her. She held Tang Shen’s hand on her cheek and smiled as she began to think of home.

Hai, sensei." Closing her eyes tight, she kept her hold on Shard. A second later, that familiar wave passed over her, and the soft touch of her other mother’s hand vanished as quickly as she did.

The turtle opened her eyes to an empty dojo, hearing the echoes of her sisters calling out for her. They were frustrated calls; obviously due to her being late, and on hearing Splinter’s voice join the others, she knew she was in for an earful. Sliding the door open, Angie raced down the hallway, dropped her bag back  off in her room and she shouted back.

"Sorry! I was at Shard’s," She called out, and in return, she could hear relief and a grunt from Ella.

"You’ve been hanging out with that twin of yours too much."

"I was with Master Shard.” A collected look of surprise, even from Splinter. “I’ll tell you when we get up top.”

"At least let us know next time," Donna added, "We’ve lost twenty minutes! We could’ve ordered a pizza and had it by now."

The only one who didn’t comment was Lea, who just gave a shake of her head with a fond smile. At least she understood why. “We’re all here. Let’s go.”

Four sisters journeyed to the world above, while their mother watched them fondly. She recalled a conversation she had with her youngest daughter, and on returning to a small bundle in the dojo, the rat smiled in knowing a new skill had been taught.

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Did someone ask for a fic? :D

Like a fly ensnared in a web, his thoughts were both sluggish and erratic, the pain overdriving his mind into an internal panic that only tangled him deeper in the thin threads of exhaustion that clung to him. The pain burned on the cusp of consciousness, and it would be so much easier to just—

"Sora! Sora, look at me.”

With no small effort, he forced his eyes open (They had been closed?), and blearily focused on Angie’s distressed face looking down on him. He smiled shakily and moved to sit up, only to clutch at the stab of pain in his side and collapse back into her lap. Gingerly pulling his hand away when the intense throbbing had ebbed, he stared uncomprehending at the blood that coated it. His blood, he realized a precious heartbeat later. 

"Come on."

Sora raised his eyes in vague confusion at the hardened quality to Angie’s voice. Something was wrong. Angie never sounded like that. Noticing Sora’s look, Angie banished the stone in her expression with the faint flicker of a cheery smile

"What do you say we blow this lame party scene? C’mon: upsy daisy!" she chirped nervously, easing him into a careful sitting position that only mildly made him want to puke. Then, with more patient care than he had ever believed Michelangela capable of, she slipped her hands under him and heaved him up into her arms. Pausing just long enough to check him over, she then took off at a haggard pace across the Footbot-littered rooftop.

Something was definitely wrong. He had always carried her


I can totally see Angie chasing him around with them if she wants to torment him.
With a towel wrapped around his waist and his nightclothes slung over one shoulder, Sora opened the bathroom door only to be greeted by Angie’s suspiciously wide grin.
"You wanna touch ‘em?"
"Oh my god." Sidestepping his sister, Sora stalked toward his room with Angie persistently trailing behind and singsonging, "Aw, c’mon, bro! They wanna meet their Uncle Sora!" 
"Oh my god.” Flinging his clothes into Angie’s face, Sora quickened his pace, clutching at his towel now to keep it secure. Suddenly, an egg invaded his field of view as she shoved it over his shoulder and waved it in his face. “How do you like your omelette?”
"Oh my god! Angie!” Sora was in a dead sprint now, racing half-naked around the Lair as his sister pursued. In the kitchen, Donna and Splinter were interrupted by a racket of crashing furniture and the bright exclamation, “Whaaaaat? Now we have an endless supply of smoke bombs!”